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Vampires and the Plan of Salvation

I love vampires.  But I’m not much interested in the popular campy appeal of vampires, the horror, the stylization.   What I love about vampires is how close they are to humans, how much we have in common with them. Dependency … Continue reading

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Restoring True Courage

A Review of Paradise Now The issue of Palestinian statehood is heating up again, with an upcoming vote scheduled in the UN.  The US is doing all it can diplomatically to persuade Palestine to postpone the vote.  As things currently … Continue reading

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Mormonism and Capitalism

Yesterday I submitted a post comparing and contrasting Communism with Mormonism.  Today I’d like to do the same with Capitalism.   In doing so, I attempt to explore where it is Mormons might stand between these two opposite poles of the … Continue reading

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Mormonism and Communism

Sure, Communism is evil.  But like many of Satan’s “glass imitations,” it has some powerful truths mixed with its errors, and Mormons share many of those same truths. These similarities might make us uncomfortable, given Communism’s terrible reputation.   It’s … Continue reading

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